Monday, January 26, 2009


"I do not see any relationship that I ever had with Sam as me being taken advantage of. I do not feel like I was ever a victim.... I saw it as a friendship that had crossed the line a couple of times, but I saw it as a friendship," Breedlove said. "When I say cross the line, I don't mean as an unwarranted or unwanted affection. I just didn't see it as something with any potential. ... I saw it as that was the line that we had crossed a couple of times, was 'friends' to 'friends with benefits.' ... I was not pulled into this situation by Sam. I was not unfairly influenced by Sam. I think Sam is a wonderful man.''

Quotes from an interview with Beau Breedlove that appeared in the Oregonian newspaper. The city of Portland is facing a highly-publicized sex scandal because the city's brand new mayor, Sam Adams, who is openly gay, was forced into confessing that he lied about having an affair with Breedlove a couple of years ago. Both say the affair occurred after Breedlove had just turne 18. Adams has publicly apologized for lying and asking Breedlove to lie to the press, but says he will not step down from his position as Mayor even though there is said to be a number of calls for his resignation


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