Monday, January 02, 2017


Had to meet Donald Trump at the office. Marc Balet had set up this meeting. I keep forgetting that Marc gave up architecture o become an art director, but he still builds models at home, he told me. He's designing  catalog for all the stores in the atrium at the Trump Tower and he told Donald Trump that I should do a portrait of the building that would hang over the entrance of the residential part. So they came down to talk about that. Donald Trump is really good-looking.  A girl named Evans was with him and another lady. It was so strange, these people are so rich. They talked about buying a building yesterday for $500 million or something. They raved about the Balducci's lunch, but they just picked at it. I guess because they go around to so many things where there's food. And they didn't have drinks, they all just had Tabs. 

-The Andy Warhol Diaries
April 24 1981

And I just hate the Trumps because they never bought my Trump Tower portraits. And I also hate them because the cabs on the upper level of their ugly Hyatt  Hotel just back up traffic so badly around Grand Central 
now, and it takes me so long to get home.

May 2 1984


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