Monday, November 21, 2016


«I knew Madonna from before. We were in that scene in the lower East Village at the same time. She was just starting. She used to go out with Jellybean [Benitez, now a record producer], and I'd see her sing at the Fun House, where he was the OJ. Bur I met the others through Andy. He had a way of sort of making things happen around him. I don't go to those parties much anymore; I'm not leading the same glamorous life. I don't miss it a lot, but when it started happening, I was young and naive, and it was really exciting. It was like incredible to go, you know, to meet Michael Jackson backstage with Andy. When he brought me to Yoko' s apartment the first time, it was incredible. You can't believe that you're there. The ultimate one was a dinner at Yoko's. I brought Madonna and the artist Martin Burgoyne. Andy was already there. Bob Dylan was there. David Bowie was there. And Iggy Pop. Just sort of in the kitchen. At first you are more in awe of things like that, but you adapt really quickly.»


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