Thursday, November 10, 2016


-When Trump won the Republican nomination Benjamin Netanyahu said he he was thrilled and wanted to meet him.

-During the US campaign Trump declared: « No one is more pro Israel than me».

-Again during the US campaign Trump declared he would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

-During the last Canadian election Justin Trudeau was elected with 62% of the muslim vote. Some muslims leaders then called to vote for Trudeau in order to beat Stephen Harper and the most Pro-Israel party Canada had ever known.

-Last year Benjamin Netanyahu declared it was very important for Israel to invest more in Asia because Europe was increasingly under a wave of sweeping islamization.

-Hilary Clinton was criticized for having some muslim advisers a little too close to her.

-The trend of more jewish voters to the Republican party will only increase over the coming years as the number of muslims will grow in the US and within the Democratic Party.


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