Sunday, July 24, 2016

ANDY WARHOL AND LBGT ( Lesbian feminist Bullshit Get Trashed) COMMUNITY

«Although Paul ( Morrisey) didn't come out and say it, and Andy certainly would have denied it,
Women in Revolt is essential Andy's revenge on Valérie Solanas,  PIGS ( Politically Involved Girls)
was in answer to SCUM (Society For Cutting Up Men) . It was hilariously funny a parody of parody, and nobody laughed more than Andy at screening after screening, when Candy Darling declaimed: « Woman's Liberation has showed me just who I am and just what I can be. Or when a worried Holly,
dragging a long sequined scarf, turned to Jackie, in a proper black-and-white polka -dot dress, and moaned: «They're going to say we're lesbians». And Jackie snapped back: «No, they're not going to think we're lesbians». A school teacher and a model-those are lesbians? »

-Bob Colacello
Holy Terror p.78


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